Stage and Band Backdrops

We specialise in the production of competitively priced bespoke printed fabric backdrops for the entertainment and events industries. Whether it is a band backdrop for use in smaller venues such as pubs and clubs, larger stage scrims for use in theatres to the largest graphics for major events at festivals, sports grounds and stadiums we are fully conversant with clients’ needs and are happy to offer a complete service including any advice that may be needed to ensure that the final product fulfils all expectations.

The printing process we use to produce our backdrops is called dye sublimation. Unlike conventional digital inkjet systems where the ink is distributed over the top surface of the substrate, the sublimated dyes we use penetrate into the fabric itself producing an image that is both vibrant and permanent. The finish of the material is such that there is no reflection or glare from spotlights and because the resolution of the prints is of such high definition every detail and nuance of the design really stands out.

There is no limit to the size of backdrop we are able to supply and our normal method of finishing them is with invisibly sewn hems all edges and eyelets for easy hanging, often with an open sleeve at the base for weighting down.

All our backdrops are printed on fire retardant fabrics which comply with safety requirements in public spaces and we offer a fast turn round and very competitive prices.

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