Silicone Edge Graphics and Tension Frame Systems

Increasingly used in retail environments, exhibitions, public spaces such as airports, visitor attractions, museums and art galleries, cinema and other entertainment venues, and also office reception areas, silicon edge graphics (SEG) offer the ideal solution to showcasing high quality images in a smart, contemporary manner.

By using an aluminium tension frame system, either freestanding or more usually fixed to a wall, the design is printed onto fabric using our dye sublimation print technology. This results in the highest quality photorealistic images that highlight every colour and nuance, particularly important in sectors such as fashion and high end goods.

After printing the material is CAD cut to size and precisely fitted with a silicone strip around the perimeter. This allows for the graphic to be inserted into the profile of the frame. By using a formula we calculate the exact size, including an allowance for the slight stretch of the material, to ensure that the graphic sits taut and flat inside its frame.

In addition to the graphics we are able to offer a complete tension frame system service including supplying the profiles cut to any bespoke size, and nationwide installation if required. Any replacement of graphics can normally be undertaken by staff on site as removal of the old one and fitting the replacement takes only minutes.

We currently supply two types, the standard frontlit where the print is viewed in ambient light, or a backlit option using LEDs incorporated within the frame, which offers a real boost to the visibility and vibrancy of the image.

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