PVC and Mesh Banners and Building Wraps

This has always formed the major part of Monster Graphics’ business and continues to represent a large percentage of our output. Originally these were produced by screen print but with the emergence of digital inkjet technology allowing lower setting up costs and much greater flexibility smaller print runs become an economical option. One offs are now the norm, not the exception.

We offer a wide range of material and finishing options including eco-friendly recyclable substrates. The most commonly used material for banners is our range of PVCs from standard economy grade to more premium qualities for longer term use.

PVC mesh is another favoured medium and is normally recommended where windier conditions are likely to be encountered or where the banner or building wrap is very large, as it is lighter than PVC and incorporates many small holes which serve to reduce wind resistance by allowing air through.

The normal default option for finishing is to weld hems around the edges, often with added webbing reinforcement, and the insertion of metal or plastic eyelets for use with bungee cords, cable ties or other fixings. Alternatively if required we can supply with open sleeves allowing for the insertion of scaffolding or other tensioning poles.

With the large building wraps that are mounted on scaffolding we reinforce the perimeter hems and also fit ties so that item can be secured on the reverse to prevent billowing and to limit the risk of becoming detached from the structure. We are always please to advise on the best solution.

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