Heras Fence Scrims and Crowd Barrier Banners

The use of temporary Heras fencing has become increasingly common around construction sites and also at outside events such as festivals. Although their primary purpose is to help secure the site they also offer an excellent opportunity to raise brand awareness using highly visible printed graphics which are easily fitted around the perimeter of the panels.

Whilst regular banner PVC may be used to completely obscure what is behind the fencing the two most popular options are to print onto either PVC mesh or lightweight textile Air Mesh, because both materials incorporate many regular perforations that allow air to pass through, thus wind drag and the risk of damage to the graphics or the panels being blown over is significantly reduced.

The PVC mesh tends to be the more robust of the two materials, but is nearly three times the weight of the Air Mesh and the perforations are more visible meaning that they have a more industrial look and the image quality tends to be a little less vibrant than on the fabric. The Air Mesh banners are also a more eco-friendly option than the PVC equivalent and when soiled may be washed to revive them.

With both substrate options we finish the scrims with reinforced hems for extra strength and place eyelets at regular intervals to allow for easy installation using elasticated cord or cable ties. The standard size is 335 x 175cm including the hems but other sizes are available upon request.
Similarly with crowd control barriers we can supply graphics which are viewable either from one side only or using a fabric jacket or overbag images can be displayed on both sides where required. Please contact us for details.

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